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Information about wozmarket


About woz•market™

Woz•market is 'the' marketplace where Apple enthusiasts come together to buy and sell exceptional Apple products.

We have created an easy to use secure marketplace platform to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions.  We handle much of the ‘heavy lifting’ in terms of operating and marketing the service to gain maximum exposure for listed items.

We specialize in offering the best, gently used Apple products.  Sellers are asked to disclose everything about their equipment, which Buyers have the opportunity to verify prior to accepting any purchase.

Our goal is to be the best, most trusted social commerce marketplace that is entirely dedicated to everything Apple.  We recognize that the large online marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay lack a sense of close community necessary to create trust between users.  Without such trust a marketplace cannot fully thrive.  

We welcome you to woz•market and truly hope that you find this to be an indispensable resourse for safely and securely buying and selling all types of Apple products.

Woz•market™ is operated by the Next Market Group, Inc., based in Middleton, Wisconsin, USA. Our services are available nation-wide.