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Information about wozmarket

How it works

How Woz•market Works

Anyone is free to browse our entire website to find great deals, or just to explore. Membership is required to list items for sale, to buy items, or to contact sellers with questions. Woz•market membership is free and requires only minimal information to establish.  Individuals, as well as businesses, are welcome to list new or lightly used items on Woz•market.



1) Search and find items to buy (sales tax and shipping are included in listed prices)

2) Sign up for your free account 

3) Ask any questions of the seller

4) Pay with any card

5) Enjoy great deals on top quality Apple products!


1) Sign up for your free account 

2) Securely enter your bank information

3) Create and post your listing(s)
 - there is no fee to post listings

4) Include great photos 

5) Share your listing with your friends and network

6) Enjoy the rewards of converting your Apple products into cash!


Please refer to our FAQ to learn more about buying and selling on Woz•market.