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Wozmarket FAQ

Updated September 25, 2020
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What is Wozmarket™?

Wozmarket is a secure marketplace platform dedicated to connecting buyers with sellers of Apple devices and accessories. Sellers may list items for sale for buyers to browse, search and buy. As Wozmarket is a peer-to-peer marketplace, all transactions are between seller and buyer, though communications between parties, purchases and payments are all conveniently and securely facilitated by the marketplace, as is marketing of the service.


Who may use Wozmarket?

Anyone is welcome to use the Wozmarket marketplace, including individuals, businesses and charities.


Where can Wozmarket be used?

The Wozmarket listings may be browsed from almost anywhere in the world. At this time, buyers and sellers must be located in the USA.


Can Wozmarket be trusted?

Wozmarket places a proactive first priority on developing trust within our marketplace, as we feel this is the single most important aspect to encourage participation. Our approach is to build a trusting culture, while also and monitoring for behavior that may be contrary to our values and take corrective action where necessary. We rely on engaged and supportive community of users to help us with this by informing us of any issues they may identify as questionable. Any behavior that is contrary with our values is strictly prohibited and may result in punitive action including possible suspension of reviews or marketplace membership. Our Terms and Conditions further explains the expectations we place on users of our marketplace.


What security measures are employed wozmarket?

Credit card and banking information is securely handled through our banking partner, Identities of sellers are verified prior to authorizing them to operate within the marketplace. For all late model (< 7 years old) Macs, iPhones and iPads, we require sellers to provide serial numbers and, for cellular devices, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers. We use these to verify that items are not stolen, locked, or black listed for any reason prior to listing them on Woz•market.  For the security of our sellers, we never publish or share serial and IMEI numbers with potential buyers.

Is membership required?

Anyone may freely browse Wozmarket listings without having to create a user account. Membership is required to list items for sale, to buy items or to contact sellers with questions. Wozmarket membership is free and requires only minimal information to establish.


What is required to become a Wozmarket seller?

Wozmarket membership is required to become a seller. Anyone is welcome to apply by selecting ‘sign-up’ from the home page or anywhere on the website. To enable automatic payout of funds once an item sells, sellers must connect their bank account when prompted during the set up process. The information you provide during this step is securely transmitted to our card processing provider,, and is not retained by our system.  


How do I connect my bank account? 

As you create your first listing, you’ll be prompted to connect your bank account. If you have to come back to this step or edit it at a later time, you will find it in the Payments tab of your account settings menu. To find this, log into your account and hover over your account icon (top right of your screen) and select the settings menu. Individuals should enter information as prompted.  Businesses must enter the name of an individual who has been authorized on the account by their bank. Likewise, businesses should enter the last 4 digits of this person’s social security number when prompted.  Enter the business address and account information as prompted.


What if I don’t want to enter my banking information?

Since we consider approval of seller’s banking information by Stripe an important aspect of our identity/security verification, and we have no other method to pay out funds for sold items, sellers are required to supply this information.  Your banking information is transmitted and is strictly not retained within our system.


Do we verify the identity of our sellers?  

Connecting your bank account to Stripe also serves to verify your identity as a seller on Wozmarket.  Once we receive confirmation that Stripe has approved and connected your bank account to the marketplace, we will authorize you as a seller and activate your listing(s).


What may be sold on Wozmarket?

Apple devices, parts and peripherals may be sold on Wozmarket. Apple specific aftermarket accessories may be listed in the accessories category.


What may NOT be sold on Wozmarket?

Anything that isn’t yours to sell cannot be listed or sold on Wozmarket.  We reserve the right to reject any listing.


Is a fee charged to post listings?

There is no fee charged to post listings on Wozmarket, instead, a commission is charged once an item sells (see below). 


What condition must items be in?

All items listed on Wozmarket must be in new, excellent or good condition. Items in fair or poor condition cannot be accepted. All items must be in good general working order. Any flaws must be described in detail within the listing. All items must be properly cleaned and sanitized before shipping to sellers.

  • New – never used, in original packaging
  • Excellent – like new, very lightly used
  • Good – minor cosmetic wear and tear, no major flaws or deficiencies

Fair, poor or non-working items may not be listed on Wozmarket, except within the parts category

What is the listing term?

By default, listings are open for 90 days. Listings may be renewed or closed by the seller at anytime. Sellers should close listings once items have been sold.


Who sets pricing?

Sellers set their own pricing, which may or may not include fees to ship the order to the buyer (see below). Sellers are expected to competitively price their items with like items found on this and other similar marketplaces.


Can I make a lower than list price offer?

Buyers may inquire with sellers through the messaging system whether they would be willing to accept a lower price for a listed item. Should the seller agree, they must edit their listing to reflect the price change, which will also serve to notify any followers who may be interested in purchasing the item at the new price should the buyer not follow through with purchasing the item.


How is shipping handled?

Ground parcel shipping is included in listed prices. Sellers are encouraged to check with multiple carriers to assure that shipping is adequately accounted for, or use a service such as Online Shipping Calculator to compare rates or discover discounts. Sellers must provide a tracking number to the buyer through the messaging system and, to eliminate the possibility of “porch pirates” stealing valuable equipment, require signature authorization for delivery. In addition, sellers are encouraged to adequately insure shipments.


Who is responsible for paying sales tax?

Listed prices are inclusive of sales tax. Sellers are responsible for paying any sales tax that may be due on their sales.


What forms of payment are accepted?

All major credit and debit cars are accepted. For security of financial information for both buyers and sellers, we use the industry standard service to process our online payments. Transactions are settled entirely within the Stripe system to limit risk of exposure of sensitive information.


What protections are offered to buyers and sellers?

Card providers protect buyers and sellers against fraud, disputes and theft of financial information. As an additional protection, by using Stripe to settle credit card transactions, payments to sellers are held in escrow (by Stripe) to allow buyers to inspect items prior to accepting or rejecting them for any qualified reason (see below).


What are valid reasons for rejecting items?

Qualified reasons for rejecting items include:

  • An incorrect item is received
  • The item was not received
  • The listing description does not match the actual item
  • Serial number or IMEI checks indicate the item is carrier locked, stolen or blacklisted
  • The item has not been reset to factory settings with login passcode removed
  • The item has not been logged out of iCloud
  • The item isn’t fully functional or there is undisclosed damage
  • An item isn’t authentic or was misrepresented in the listing

Items cannot be rejected for any reason other than noted above.


What steps are involved with a purchase transaction?

  • The buyer places an online order using their credit card. Their card is charged at this time and funds are placed in escrow by Stripe. This is the purchase date.
  • The seller is notified and is allowed up to 3 days to confirm the order, though we highly encourage sellers to confirm as immediately as possible.
  • If the seller does not confirm the order within this timeframe, the transaction is canceled.
  • If the seller confirms the order, the buyer is notified and parties may exchange information necessary for shipping.
  • The seller should disclose the serial number and IMEA number to the buyer through the messaging system at this time. This is encouraged to avoid confusion or conflict should an item be rejected and returned by the buyer.
  • Seller ships item by economy ground parcel service within 1 business day and funds remain in escrow. Tracking information should be provided through the messaging system.
  • Buyer receives, inspects and accepts/rejects the item.
  • If the item is accepted by the buyer, funds are released to the seller and the transaction is completed
  • If the item is rejected, the buyer returns the item by economy ground parcel service within 2 business days and funds remain in escrow. Again, tracking information should be provided through the messaging system.
  • Seller confirms receipt of the returned item and the transaction is canceled.


How long does a Buyer have to reject an item?

Buyers are allowed up to 10 business days from the date of purchase to accept or reject items. If an item is not rejected (or reported not received) within this timeframe, it is assumed the buyer accepts it and the transaction is completed. Buyers are responsible for return shipping using economy ground service within 2 business days of rejecting an item.


When can sellers expect to be paid? 

Funds are released to the seller 5 -10 business days after a transaction is completed.


Can items be returned?

Unfortunately, since Wozmarket is a peer-to-peer marketplace, managing returns would be a nearly impossible feat. Except for circumstances described above where an order isn’t received or is rejected by the buyer for being incorrect or misrepresented, all sales are final. Buyers are encouraged to make sure they are fully informed about the items they purchase, which we facilitate by requiring sellers to issue complete and accurate listings that fully disclose any flaws. We also facilitate and encourage buyers to contact sellers with any questions prior to making purchases.


How do we make money while operating the marketplace?

Once an item sells, we must take a share of proceeds to support our services in maintaining and operating the marketplace. This share is 6% ($3.00 minimum per transaction), which covers our expenses for providing this secure marketplace platform, Internet service/server/software, marketing/sales, personnel, and, hopefully, leaving a small profit.


What about credit card processing fees?

Fees our card services provider charges for processing credit card payments, escrowing and transferring funds to sellers are in addition to the marketplace fee described above. This fee is currently 4%.


What are the responsibilities of sellers?

Wozmarket sellers are expected to:

  • Provide accurate descriptive listings and upload representative photos
  • Connect bank account to receive payments
  • Provide device serial number and IMEI number for cellular devices, include screen shots or photos containing these for verification (we will strip these from your listing prior to publishing it)
  • For items with batteries, provide a screen shot or image of the battery health report, and for Macs, provide a screen shot or image of the system self diagnostics report
  • To receive featured listing status (see below), sellers must upload an image of your original sales receipt (again, this will be stripped for the listing prior to publishing it)
  • Promptly respond to any buyer inquiries
  • Sign out and deauthorize the device from iCloud, iTunes and iMessage, erase all storage and reset the device to its original factory operating system and settings
  • Clean and sanitize items so they are ready to use by the buyer
  • Properly package and ship items within 2 business days of accepting an order
  • Provide shipping tracking numbers to buyers through the messaging system
  • Close listings after confirming items have been sold
  • Keep transactions within the marketplace to assure buyer and seller protections are maintained
  • Enter bank account and routing number to receive payments


What are the responsibilities of buyers?

Wozmarket buyers are expected to:

  • Ask questions of sellers to assure that they fully understand the item they’re purchasing
  • Verify their purchase promptly when received, including the model and year, functionality, and perform serial number and IMEI checks where applicable to assure the device isn’t stolen, locked or black listed
  • Promptly notify seller of any deficiency, or if an item isn’t received within the designated timeframe
  • Promptly return any rejected item following the best practices described above in the shipping FAQ, including providing tracking number to the seller through the messaging system


Can members rate each other as buyers and sellers?

Members may rate each other as buyers and sellers. This is intended as a constructive feedback to improve the marketplace user experience. We closely monitor member comments and ratings and take corrective action as we may see fit to maintain the positive spirit of the marketplace. 


What is a Wozmarket featured product?

Sellers of currently supported (<7 years old) Macs, iPads and iPhones may apply for Woz•market featured product status. To be designated as a featured product, in addition to providing complete listing information, including the serial number and EMEI number for cellular devices (these are not published or shared with potential buyers), sellers must supply information that allows us to certify the status of their device.

  • Upload an image of the original sales receipt from Apple
  • Certify only Apple authorized repairs with Apple OEM parts, or no repairs have been made to the device
  • Disclose serial number and, for cellular devices, the IMEI number
  • Provide full system information where prompted in the listing form
  • For items with batteries provide screen shot of battery health report
  • For Macs, provide images of system self-diagnostics report


What is the Managed Listing Service?

We manage listings on behalf of customers who would rather have us handle the details of listing and interfacing with buyers.  If you’re interested in having us manage listings on your behalf, please contact us.


What is the preferred size and format for listing photographs?

Preferred size: 660x440 pixels or higher resolution with a 3:2 aspect ratio.  Unfortunately, this is not the native aspect ration of photos taken with iPhones, though you can easily optimize your photos within the Photos application on your iPhone or Mac by selecting the 3:2 aspect ratio within the cropping tool.

Acceptable file types: .png, .jpg


Can videos be included in listings?

YouTube videos can be embedded within listings. When posting or editing a listing, users can simply add a link to a YouTube video to the listing description and save the listing. The system automatically recognizes YouTube links and embeds the videos under the listing description text.


End of FAQ