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How to Sell your Apple Device

Updated July 2, 2020

Sell your used device to a private party, reseller or trade it in. Here are some options.

Sell on Craigslist

Craigslist is the granddaddy of local classifieds. For individuals, listings are free, easy to post, and depending on where you are, get pretty good local exposure. With so many items listed for sale, no device specific categories, and listing limited to local areas, listing exposure may be limited, however. Online payment is not facilitated by Craigslist, so users typically meet in person (hopefully, at a public location) and accept only cash, which many buyers may have a problem with for such large ticket items as Macs, iPhones and iPads. And since Craigslist doesn’t verify its user’s identities, there is always some possibility of being scammed by shysters.


Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace works just like Craigslist classifieds, except, since buyers and sellers must be registered Facebook users, there is less anonymity and presumably less opportunity for scamsters to operate on the platform.


Sell on eBay 

Being a giant, well established marketplace with many users and all the bells and whistles, eBay is a great choice for many sellers. With so many users, eBay offers an opportunity to be exposed to many potential buyers. Being large, however, has its drawbacks, as you may get lost in the noise of so many other sellers. Also, despite eBay’s efforts to qualify its users, there are many unscrupulous buyers and sellers operating on the platform, opening up potential to be scammed in almost every way imaginable. Sellers may choose between buy it now or auction-based pricing. eBay charges a nominal listing fee plus commission and credit card fees, 13-14% in total. There is an option to list items for flat fee in their classified section, however, those items do not get the same exposure as regular listings.


Trade in at Apple or Amazon

Trading in is great, if you need quick turn-around, but beware, the prices offered are extremely low. Plus, both Apple and Amazon offer payout only in the form of credit against other items purchased from them. And you never know exactly how much you’ll get for your device until it its condition is verified, often resulting in a discounting of its value. Incidentally, since Amazon and Apple established a close partnership to promote Apple products in late 2019, you may no longer sell Apple devices outright on Amazon without being specifically qualified and meeting a very high sales-volume threshold. 


Sell to a Local or Online Reseller

Selling to a reseller is much like trading in, except that you can usually get cash for your device.  Again, these guys are very profit motivated, so you may expect only bottom dollar. By going through a local reseller, you’ll know your device’s value right away and be paid on the spot, though the value may be lower than selling to an online reseller because sales exposure may be limited to the local vicinity.


Sell on Wozmarket™

Wozmarket is a secure online marketplace platform that solves many of the problems associated with these options. Woz•market offers national exposure by aggressively marketing through search and social channels.  Online payment is securely facilitated through, which, in addition to offering protections typical of any credit card transaction, escrows funds until purchases are completed to the satisfaction of both buyers and sellers.  Since woz•market exclusively offers only Apple devices, buyers usually know exactly what they’re looking for, and are very likely to convert once they find it. Finding specific devices is easy by searching, or browsing through logically organized categories. Both buyers and sellers must register as woz•market members to list items for sale, or initiate transactions on the marketplace. The wozmarket messaging system documents communications to help prevent or alleviate any misunderstandings that may arise between parties. Wozmarket policies provide conduct guidelines which are monitored and strictly enforced by woz•market.  Users are strongly encouraged to report any misconduct or unscrupulous behavior that they observe by buyers or sellers on the marketplace.

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