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iPhone 11 Resale Price Survey - September 2020

Updated September 8, 2020

Since its introduction a year ago, the iPhone 11 has proven to be a vastly popular model, surely to surpass the iPhone 7 as king of the Apple hill in terms of lifetime number of units sold.   On the eve of its first anniversary, we've surveyed iPhone 11 resale prices offered by 40 US based sellers, representing a cross section of large, small, professional and private sellers across the country. Here's what we discovered.

iPhone 11 resale price ranges August 2020 (excellent condition, factory unlocked, delivery included)

  • Median values falling near on the lower end of the reported price range, such as shown for the 11 Pro above, are indicative of lower trending prices.

  • Used iPhone 11s are still somewhat hard to come by.  We found the different iPhone 11 models to be available at only 25-35% of the sellers we surveyed.

  • The most difficult model to find is the iPhone 11 256GB, which is coincidentally reported by many sources to be the current most popular selling iPhone model.

  • We found the 512GB Pro and Pro Max had similar high end prices, suggesting that the smaller sized Pro is preferred in the resale market over the Pro Max.

  • The majority of sellers of renewed devices we looked at offer 30 to 90 day warranties, but some included 1-year coverage.  We noted very little price difference between phones with 30 day vs. 1-year coverage.  

  • We found no notable differences in asking prices between privately sold devices and those offered through professional resellers.

  • We considered only excellent condition iPhone 11s in this survey. In our estimation, price by condition may typically vary 5-10% respectively between excellent, good and fair condition phones with different sellers.

  • Our survey reports prices for factory unlocked iPhones. We expect slightly lower prices for carrier restricted phones due to more limited market and salability.

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