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Checklist to Prepare your iPhone, iPad for Sale

Updated July 25, 2020

  • Collect all accessories, including original boxes, if you have them
  • Plug everything together to test all components, parts and cables
  • Back up your data to iCloud and/or iTunes
  • Check battery health, save image of report
  • Take well lit photos of your actual equipment for listing, show included accessories, details of any described flaws

Assure that you can Sign-on to iCloud with your new device before taking further steps to reset your old device

  • Document model, serial number and condition with images and photos of items, system reports and remarks
  • Remove personal information from your old device
  • Unpair Watch and any other blue tooth devices
  • Sign out of iCloud
  • Sign out and deauthorize old device from your iTunes/App Store account
  • Sign out of iMessage
  • Disable Find my Device
  • Sign out of your home/office Wi-Fi network
  • Erase all data and reinstall macOS
  • Remove your SIM card
  • Contact your carrier if necessary for help with transferring device to new owner
  • Thoroughly clean your device and all accessories. Refer to our article ‘How to Clean your Apple Products’
  • Place everything back in original packaging if possible
  • Appropriately box and label for shipping

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