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Why Wozmarket

Wozmarket is an open, peer-to-peer marketplace that specializes exclusively in resale of exceptional Apple products.

A broad selection of the finest pre-owned, refreshed and open box Apple products is offered with new listings added on a continual basis.

The marketplace is well organized to make it easy to find any particular Apple product, or browse and search to discover great deals.

Prices include sales tax (where applicable) and economy service delivery anywhere within the US. 

It's free to list items for sale. The marketplace sales fee is a competitive 5% and is settled once an item sells.

Only the very good and excellent condition, fully functional products from the US market are accepted.

Listings completely and accurately describe the merchandise with any flaws highlighted.

We carefully screen and moderate every listing for accuracy and completeness and favor listings where sellers provide information necessary to verify title and carrier lock status for cellular devices.

Identities of Wozmarket members who sign on using Facebook or Google are established independently through those channels.  Members who sign up using their email address are asked to verify their accounts by replying to an email sent through our system. We use this information for our own purposes in evaluating the legitimacy of member applications and never share it. 

Sellers are US based and holders of US bank accounts whose identities are verified through banking channels as part of our onboarding process. 

Fully open communications between buyers and sellers are facilitated through the marketplace and serve to document discussions and information such as tracking numbers, etc., through the purchase process.

Buyers are allowed to inspect and and authenticate merchandise before finalizing payment to protect against possible errors, mistakes or misrepresentations. 

We distinguish ourselves by taking the peer based review model one step further to independently monitoring marketplace communications to preempt behavior that may be contrary to the values of the marketplace to assure that all  members have great experiences using the marketplace. 

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